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Web Design Training

Web Design Course in Chennai With Live International Projects

Did you know that with a good web design course in Chennai you could become a sought after professional in the web development industry? Companies that are in the dotcom business measure the value of a good web designer in gold. So join a web page design course in Chennai to give your career competitive advantage…

Web Page Designing
Flash Animation
Cascading Style Sheets

As the Internet is getting more and more advanced in both speed and its functionalities, the amount of multimedia that goes into developing websites is gradually increasing. In fact, with the advent of Web 2.0 or the Semantic Web, over the last few years the face of the web design industry has taken a completely new shape.

Web design is a perfect career choice because it involves both creativity and professionalism. Web designing entails the designer to have aesthetic sense as well as understand the likes and dislikes of the viewer.
Web Design Course Content And Structure

Level 1: Planning a website, Information architecture

Website layout creation using Photoshop
Logo design for websites
Introduction to HTML/CSS
HTML tags
CSS properties
Webpage coding using HTML & CSS
Webpage coding using DIV & CSS2
XHTML rules, W3C validation & browser compatibility
Basics of JavaScript
Web 2.0 design guideline

Level 2: Introduction to the Adobe Flash Environment

The Flash tools panel
Importing and using graphics
Using text (static, dynamic & input)
Layering Flash elements
Organizing content in layer folders
Using color effectively and creating a color swatch
Working with symbols, libraries, and instances
Fill Techniques
Flash Vector Illustration
Graphic, button and movie clip symbols
Principles of Animation
Motion tweening
Using motion guides
Masking techniques
Shape tweening
Fading Text
Introduction to action script
Action script in Buttons
Action script in movie clip
Action script in frame
Factors to consider before publishing
Techniques for optimizing movies
Creating custom cursor
Creating custom scrollbar
Loading text dynamically
Website intro & header design using Flash
Using Sound (play/pause/stop)

Level 3: Live Intl. project in Web Leader Solutions

At this level the students will get involved with on-going international projects under the guidance of industry experts. They will gather valuable first hand experience working shoulder to shoulder with the company’s working professionals.

Minimum Eligibility Requirement
10 + 2 Pass

Course Duration:
1 Months
Flexible timing. No need to join in batches!

Course Fee:
One time fee: Rs.7500
Installment fee: Rs.9000 (in 2 easy installments of Rs.4500 each)

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