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SMS Marketing

CL Tech Solutions provides robust platform to send bulk messages to mobile numbers all over india at a bare minimum price. Bulk SMS Service by CL Tech Solutions provides easy interface to send messages to thousands of numbers at one go. Bulk SMS is a very effective way in promoting your business, launching new products, offering special discounts, and building a relationship with your customers.To increase support to our clients, we also do provide value added services such as customization and integration.

Bulk SMS Features:

Application can send text messages to lot of mobile numbers at the same time.
Mobile message sending Application can send unlimited text messages from PC to mobile phones
Grouping Functionality
Import of Address book from text files, CSV files
Single click SMS delivery to hundred's of numbers.
SMS Scheduling (Sending SMS at a designated time)
Online Address Book
Online Group Management
Delivery notification
Free Chat/Email/Telephone Support
Pay only per SMS cost.
Connect using Web based System, HTTP API, XML API
Set Your Number or Your Name as the Sender
Delivery Status Reports & Instant Delivery
No Monthly Fixed Commitment

Our product includes:

Bulk SMS
Shortcode sms
Longcode sms
Bulk Email
Voice calls

We offer 24 hours customer support online and offline to provide you a trouble free time associating with us You Can Reach Us +91 9176653284 / 9790712083

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