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PPC Management


In case you do not show up amongst the first 20 results given by a search engine (and that is already optimistic), chances are that you will not get any traffic from search engines without payment.

Many search engines however, have a column on the right of the search-results, where you can buy a "sponsored link" (which means that you can get listed there against payment).

This is what is known as Pay per Click (PPC) programs. It is an important part of any Search Engine Marketing (SEM) effort, an excellent alternative for any marketing campaign on a limited budget and also an alternative for those people who don't have the resources or time to get traffic from the organic listings by optimizing their website.

How does Pay per Click (PPC) Management work?

What are the benefits of a Pay per Click (PPC) program?

PPC is the most cost effective and efficient method to drive qualified visitors to your website.
PPC programs you can control your costs per visitor at all times.
PPC programs you can control the positions where your advert will be shown, by bidding on keywords.
The more you pay, the higher you will appear in the "sponsored links".
PPC programs will give you more sales and a higher ROI.
PPC programs you only pay for the visitors that actually click on your advert
PPC programs you can choose the most suitable and accurate terms to advertise your products and services.
PPC programs drive qualified traffic because before the visitor clicks in your advert, he/she already has an accurate        description of your business.

Can ProfitBySearch help me decide on the best Pay per Click (PPC) Management program for my business?

With our broad experience in Managing Pay per Click (PPC) programs for various clients, and attendance to the most relevant seminars and conferences has got us to the level where we can give you the best advice on a personalized Pay per Click (PPC) Management program for your business.

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