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PHP Development

PHP is a popular programming language for extending web pages with dynamic features. Its popularity is partly due to its free, open source nature and partly due to its friendliness and convenience. PHP Programmers at CL TECH Solutions developed, create innovative and affordable secure web application as per client’s requirements, which make the business processes expandable to fit the ongoing running processes impeccably.


Our PHP developers have extensive experience in developing client server PHP database applications on Windows and Linux based servers, whether it is creating attractive web pages, developing websites from the scratch, content management using innovative CMS tools such as Joomla, Plone, Drupal, Wordpress etc. We have everything nicely draped to make the best fit for your business to run smooth and on the track.


Advantages of PHP Web Development

PHP has Low Development & maintenance cost
Performance and consistency is high
Compatible with all operating systems, web servers and browsers
Low implementation and debugging cost
Ability to set in itself into the HTML code
PHP is open source
Supports ample variety of databases
PHP can run on any platform

We do have expertise team of php web developers dealing in all the open source technologies including PHP Development, ASP .Net Development, AJAX Development in PHP is growing at very good rate globally and is available on most common server on the web i.e. Apache web server.

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