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Classified Ad Posting

Classified Ad Posting / classified advertising service

Online classified advertising is the process of advertising a service or product. The ad is a written description compromising of the name, address, phone number, website url, price, email address and a picture of the service or product being promoted. We Post Classified Ads at very affordable rates.

The process of classified ad posting involves the following steps:

Identifying classified ad posting directories

To get benefit from classified ad posting, it is important to ensure that the directories have a high page rank. Yantram have its own pure list of Classified ad on a high page rank, where we would post the ads to draw a high no. of customers as this would increase visibility.

Guideline for classified ad posting

Each directory has its own guidelines for accepting and rejecting classified ad postings. Before we submit your classified ads to a directory, we would check the guidelines mentioned, so there would more possibilities of Acceptance.

Tracking and testing

Once we have submitted your classified ad to a directory, it is important to know which ad is converting the most amounts of website traffic from its designated directory. This will help you to concentrate your efforts where required and get the maximum results.

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Please Note:

1. Classified Ad Posting can remain active for 30 days or less depending upon the Terms and Conditions of the Classified Ad Directory.

2. You will need to provide us with the Ad Copy. If you want us to write one for you, then it will be charged separately.

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